Project Values

We value rehearsal, iteration, and imperfection and see these as a natural part of the creative process.

  • We value collaborative conversation, a collective approach to decision making and actively seeking the voices of those who are not always represented in the room. We aim to move as a team, not a group of individuals representing institutions.
  • We value the universal power of music and the various ways in which it brings people together. We are open to the people and partnerships our work attracts; and open to remaining reflective and flexible as we work with those who come our way.
  • We value the opportunity to challenge the hierarchies that exist within society and the world of music, through challenging ourselves, others, and institutions of power.
  • We value the full humanity of every artist and citizen that we encounter through the project.
  • We value the diverse, sonic landscape of Philadelphia. We own and carry the responsibility of reflecting and representing diversity throughout the project.
  • We value the act of disrupting the traditional roles, asks and responsibilities of the “performer” and the “audience.”
  • We value finding and selecting new and non-traditional places to rehearse and engage with music, in public and for free.
  • We value humility, honesty and accountability; We know that we will make mistakes and welcome dialogue with the public throughout our rehearsal process.
Zoë Keating w/ Ensemble